Monday, September 9, 2013

August 2013 Feature Blog of the Month : Our Awesome Travels

 Runner Up : Life's Little Adventures for their account of the interesting Mono Lake area.

Ok, this has never happened in the long, long history of JourneyLinks.  It's unprecedented!  I'm featuring a blogger based on how unbelievably good their FOOD looks.   But it also seems appropriate.  The theme for me this month has been food.  After all, I just spent the month training to sell cookware -- thinking food, talking food, preparing food.  It would be simpler if these guys would just adopt my cat so I could just hang out with them during the holiday and just EAT their food!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning our blog. We loved the area around Mono Lake. Close to Yosemite, tons of hiking, and such wonderful scenery!