Monday, May 11, 2015

7N7 : Episode 2 : Glenarm to Quilchena

Welcome to the 2nd episode of 7N7, where we drop in on 7 RVers in 7 locations in less than 7 minutes -- sharing with you seven new blogs per month.

I'd like to begin the second episode of 7N7 where I grew up, Central Illinois. where CozyGirl and Mr.Ger take in some covered bridges and Route 66.

From there we'll head east to Amish Country near Berlin, Ohio with the Zellers. Apparently all Paul and Margery do there is EAT.

(May 6, 2015 post)

Off to Havelock, North Carolina with Jim and Dee Walter. I selected Tumbleweed JimDee for three reasons: 1. I love North Carolina  2. Dee is an old chat-buddy on-line.  3. Because they are first-place CARDINAL FANS!

We now jog just 7 miles down the road to Newport, North Carolina! Tom and Marci share their day-trip to Beaufort "By-The-Sea" with their boys.

Off we go! Clear across the country near Page, Arizona we drop in on Al and Karen as they visit Antelope Canyon. I'll be sure to tune in as they get ready to share their adventure in Southern Utah and Zion Park!

Perhaps they'll bump into this next couple! Jerry and Kimberly Peterson are getting ready to work at Ruby's Inn at Bryce Canyon this summer.

Time for some international travel. How about some British Columbia action with Dianne and Steve! But this time I'm going to do something rather unusual. While the links direct you to their BC adventure, I'm opting for a picture of their header, instead. Take a look at their RIG.

Steve and Dianne's Most Excellent Adventure
Quilchena, BC, Canada

That concludes the second installment of 7N7. I hope you enjoyed.
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